Core Products

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Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Mortgage Protection can be designed to pay off your mortgage in the event of death or make payments for a period of time. This is a critical need and most families want this. Mortgage Protection is what initiated the response to our marketing and is the foundation of our business. 

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Indexed Universal Life Insurance With Tax Free Cash Value

The IUL is a life insurance policy that can build significant cash value. The cash value is indexed to the S&P 500 for growth and provides a no loss provision when the market goes down. If the market goes down, our clients experience no market link losses. This is a smart option for creating a tax-free retirement income, inclusive with a death benefit. The IUL is also the smartest way to pay off a mortgage early with accumulated cash value. Potentially saving your clients of tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a life insurance policy combined with smart financial options.

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Retirement Protection Utilizing Indexed Annuities

Retirement protection helps our clients protect accounts like IRAs, 401ks, and investment portfolios from market-linked losses. The indexed annuity can come with up to 10% in matching funds when rolled over. Our clients love the S&P 500 indexed returns with no market linked risk and the option for creating income for life. We call this the personal pension plan.

Additional Products

Smart Start Cash Value Insurance

Smart Start is a great way to begin investing in a child's future, whether it is for college savings or money for a new home purchased upon graduation. Your child's financial future is bright with the SmartStart IUL.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a selected period of time, usually ranging anywhere from 10-30 years.


Final Expense

Final Expense Insurance is an insurance policy that covers the final medical and funeral costs in the event of a death.


We offer riders for disability as well as riders for terminal, chronic and critical injury which covers our clients for life's unexpected events.

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