Company Background

SYMMETRY FINANCIAL GROUP was created in 2009 by Brandon Ellison, Casey Watkins and Brian Pope with the goal of bringing balance to insurance professionals and agency builders across the country.

What's important for our customers to know about our services is that we help our clients protect one of their biggest assets and that's their home. Anyone who buys or refinances a home receives a letter in the mail stating they may qualify for non-medical mortgage protection insurance. Our goal as agents is to provide services to those clients who have expressed an interest in the products we have to offer. Our mortgage protection products can either pay off our client's home in the event of death or can help make their mortgage payment. If our client becomes disabled or experiences a terminal, chronic, or critical illness, such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke, we have you covered. We also are helping our clients save money for retirement and pay off their mortgage early by using retirement solution products such as indexed universal life insurance and fixed indexed annuities. Symmetry Financial Group was created with these goals and needs in mind.

Larry Spoth Bio 

Larry Spoth has been helping individuals realize they’re retirement goals and assisting with income planning for many years. Larry is sought after speaker at national events for leading insurance and retirement planning agencies. In addition to speaking at national conferences, Larry has been a talk show radio host in the Washington D.C. region on 105.9 FM Radio discussing financial options. He has written for, CNN and is financial TV commentator on news channel 8 and channel 7 in the local market. Larry has worked both in and outside of the mortgage protection arena and brings many skills and insight to the business. Larry is currently building a business at SYMMETRY FINANCIAL GROUP with a goal of business and residual income. Larry's passion is helping families realize their dreams and showing others how to do the same.

Jacob Pogue Bio

Jacob Pogue began his career in the insurance industry working with Symmetry Financial Group as a part-time field agent early in 2013, after spending 20 years in the restaurant industry. Prior to finding Symmetry, he earned his B.A in Finance from George Mason University School of Management but struggled to find a salaried position that would match the income he was earning as a bartender.

After his first 3 months with Symmetry, Jacob was able to transition into a full-time field agent and traded working away from home 5 nights a week, to working from home where he had the ability to control his own schedule. His primary focus in his first year with Symmetry was personal production and he ended the year as the #2 advanced markets producer in the company.

In 2014 Jacob decided he wanted to take full advantage of the Symmetry opportunity and the passive income it could create. Jacob began building his own agency and by the end of the year he was able to step away from personally writing business, due to his passive income stream. He continued to focus on personal growth, becoming a better leader and strengthening his growing team.

Jacob was recognized by Symmetry Financial Group as an Agency Owner in the first quarter of 2015. By the end of that year he earned the award for the #1 Recruiter. As a result of his team’s sales volume, he was recognized for having the #1 Rookie Agency in the company in 2015.

In addition to having one of the fastest growing agencies in the company, Jacob was also the recipient of Symmetry Financial Group’s prestigious Leadership Award in both 2015 and 2016.

Jacob continues to work on his own personal development, is passionate about helping others and is dedicated to teaching others how they can leverage the Symmetry system to create time and financial freedom for their families.

He currently has 4 Agency Owners and 8 key leaders on his team and focuses his time on traveling around the country hosting local training events as well as speaking and teaching at the two Symmetry Financial Group National Conferences.